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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Cool! I did the same with switches on mine at first...had to move them to the swing-out bar so I could get my hands on them lol.
Rich Taylor
I/SA - 321
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Congrats on a mostly successful outing Dave, especially that surprise heads-up win! You have inspired me to keep on going.
Your car looks real good and apparently runs good, the rest of the little improvements it might need will come with time and experience. And oh yeah, money.
My car is finally very close to a debut even though it's not quite all done like I want it to be, it could be entered in the STL divisional within a month if my local testing pans out and nothing comes apart in the meantime.

Now we have to cheer on Robbie Racer and Jeff Stout to get their cars done. Go boys!!
Brian Saunders Lerna IL
'79 AMX T/SA 3790 currently being resurrected
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Great job Dave! Congrads on you 1st Heads Up WIN!!!
Building U/SA
79 Mustang
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

X2 on Robbie's comment , plus the pictures don't do justice to the car. Look's really clean , I was worried in the earlier part of the evening when I over hear Brad say your having a little trouble as I was headed up to the lanes. Congrats on that round win....
Old Nick in Tucson! Hahaha
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Dave Muller
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Here's a bit of an update. I had the car out a couple of weeks ago in Tucson for the AZ Stock/SS race, but got sidelined by an electrical short that took out my tach, shift light, brake pressure gauge and line lock, because they were all on the same fuse. I ran without them in round one, shifting by ear but broke out.

Since then I fixed the short so everything works again, and I replaced the master cylinder. The one I had was 1" diameter and the new one is 1 1/8". That made a huge difference, I can now get plenty of brake pressure without the pedal ever reaching the floor and without pumping the brakes.

Now we're in Las Vegas for the divisional there, and since we arrived late in the day yesterday Q3 this morning is all that I got. Great air and a tailwind put me .62 under the adjusted index. It'll still take a while to get my staging procedure right but for now I'll bump in a bit and should have a chance in round one tomorrow.

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Mark Yacavone
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Congrats, Dave
Another CR Builds success story.
"We are lucky we don't get as much Government as we pay for." Will Rogers
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Dave Noll
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Originally Posted by Dave Muller View Post
And I had always figured that my first heads-up race would probably leave me scorched by a missile from Nevada!
That pick-up is up here now with a new owner. Don't see it out much though.
Dave Noll, N/SA 6526
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

Awesome car.
Todd Greene
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Dave Muller
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Default Re: '66 Malibu N/SA

And I'm out in round one, -.013 red. Plus I apparently underestimated how much difference the wind made yesterday when I calculated my dial in, I couldn't run the number either.

I hope to get some good test & tune sessions in next year before the Wild Horse divisional. I definitely need seat time.
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