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Mark Yacavone
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Default Speedworld....... Latest

Latest 1-17-13 >>>> This will include the NHRA Open on schedule, and the Southwest Nostalgia Drags S/SS combo .March 16th
Please remember what I said about our events.
If we are able to move them across town,
the expense will most likely be higher, so we need your support on this one...I need some inspiration!
I placed this message in the main section because I could, this time, but please let me know who reads this section and if you plan on racing with us on March 16th ..Thanks ,Mark

Hi everyone, I apologize for the lateness of this email, but I just got off the phone with Dan, and it looks very good that we have reached an equitable agreement with the state and county to be able to run Speedworld for the next 4 months. It's not cast in stone yet, but enough was hammered out today that Dan is very encouraged, and that's good enough for me. HOWEVER, there is no question that we will be closing sometime this summer, so if y'all need a Speedworld fix, now is the time to do it.

One thing that will almost certainly have to change is we will have to double up on weekends (with a lot more Sunday races) as part of the deal seems to be that we will get a Special Event Permit good for a certain number of weekends. This means a significant revamp of our event schedule, which will take at least a week, maybe more. I know many if not most of you have made your year's racing schedule out by now, but it will probably have to be adjusted. I'll still try very hard not to schedule on other events, especially Firebird Team Races - that's important to many of you. I will send out another email with the new schedule as soon as possible. For now, the schedule I sent out last week still applies, INCLUDING the National Open weekend!

Dan & I would also like to thank all of you who have called, texted and emailed both of us this past week, the additional encouragement and well-wishes have been a HUGE boost to our spirits (which were pretty damn low the past couple of days, especially for me!) THANK YOU SO MUCH, and see you at the track!
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Default Re: Speedworld....... Latest

According to the Speedworld web site, the National Open for this weekend is CANCELED ...
Gary Hansen - SS/FA 4911, B/SA 4911
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Default Re: Speedworld....... Latest

I cruise by Speedworld almost every time I go to the Phoenix area. My last time was yesterday.....it keeps falling into decay more and more each time I drive by. On a good note though, the RC Airport has reopened and at least that end of the property is in much better shape.
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