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Default Re: Unused race cars, too

Originally Posted by Mike Pearson View Post
Recently we have lost quite a few super stock cars here in FL. All retired from racing and sold their cars. Eddie Diaz, Pat Clifford, Rebel Kid, Kenny McCoy just to name a few. Merril Schrimsher has his beautiful 66 Chevy II up for sale. Paul Forte has not run his car in quite a long while. My buddy Jay Slane has had some health issues that have kept him from racing much for the past 3 years. He is recovering from knee replacement surgery right now and hopes to be back out racing some later in the year. Haven't seen John Douglas racing in a few years and he was a die hard racer. Not sure what happened to John. Tony Conte still has his SS/AS Camaro but he has not been racing much either. Probably close to retiring seeing he is in his late 70's.
I am sure it is similar in Stock but I don't keep up with them as much.
Rebel Kidd has not retired from racing, I think you may see him out very soon with his car, just a rumor though......
Tim Stickles
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