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Default Re: Front End Suspension, NHRA Rule Question

Originally Posted by FLEMING View Post
I did buy stock upper control arm bushings and machine the "teeth" off the ends of them, then took brake cylinder hone and honed the inside of the bushing so that it slid on and off the shaft easily, then greased them really good, I used the moog kit with the offset upper shafts.. It was really free moving after I tightened everything up and saves you a ton of money.. if you look on alot of the good working stockers alot of them are this way..
Thanks Fleming. I found the 'teeth' you are talking about. (Thanks Google) At the very least I am going to hone fit the parts together. We are going to rip the whole front end of the car in the coming weeks, to put new solid body mounts it, while keeping rubber under the radiator support. Then start the process of building it up from there.
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