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Default Re: Help!! Engine Miss

Hans - When the problem started, I was using my old battery. I replaced it last month with a brand new one.

Larry - Good thoughts. I wouldn't have considered that. If I can pinpoint the problem to the wiring, I plan to just replace it all.

Alan - I'm leaning towards doing what your saying. If I can find one, I may just wire in an HEI as someone had previously suggested, and eliminate the ignition system this way.

Bob - At this point, I'm pretty confident that it's not the carb or fuel system. Fuel pressure is steady as a rock, and the plugs definitely do no show a lean condition. I'm actually seeing some unburned fuel, pointing me towards the ignition system.

TWRS2006 - The distributor was just out, and looks great. I tried another distributor this past weekend, and the problem persists. The distributor connector from the MSD is the same one that I used before with no problems, so I know that the wires aren't crossed.

Thank you again to everyone for your responses. You're ideas keep me thinking and I find them very encouraging. We'll get this figured out eventually.

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