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Default wrist pin clip issues

On a 632 Chev , 14.5 engine, we found some pieces of wrist pin clips in the oil change. They are 2- .042 spirolocks.(per side) They were not excessively stretched when installed.My first thought was a bad batch of heat treated clips. I was told that because he hit the chip in the water box, this will cause this kind of problem. Engine had about 60- 75 hits on it. He (the driver) also pedals it in the top end. car is a dragster, about 2100 lbs . I was told that this also might contribute to this problem. I get my info from drag racers that have 40 years in the game & I respect their knowledge. Any input or experiences that I can learn / understand whats going on ? His last engine pounded out the clip grooves to about .030-.035 end play. Same basic engine.Same car . Thanks guys
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