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Originally Posted by Lew Silverman View Post
I saw at least 1 crew-person "touch" the back of a car "after" the driver had staged. The instance was noticeable enough for Alan Reinhart to remark that it was "a little late to adjust the parachute".

There was also a crew-person on a Pro-Stock Motorcycle team who appeared (at least to me) to put his hand on the wheelie-bar as the bike left the starting line. It was the second time I noticed his close proximity to the bike during the event.

Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a "trend" that should be looked at by Race Officials.
I saw the chute deal too, weird. The PS motorcycle, I think they are marking the track (at the bar wheel) when the bike is staged and they do it rather quickly, it does look like they're grabbing something. I noticed it too.
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