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Default Re: onan 7 qd issue or not? extended warranty nearing end

[QUOTE=Rich Biebel;599472]Water pump drive belt and a general inspection inside it for anything else that might need repair or replacement.....

Last winter I did one that had 4800 hrs and changed a lot of parts. It was around a 2004 model year.

Water pump, fuel pump, t-stat, coolant sensor, W/P belt....and replaced the broken exhaust flex pipe off the exhaust all the normal maintenance stuff.

There is ZERO access to any of this in most diesel pushers.....So when I take one out that like this one, I change a good amount of parts just trying to avoid having to pull it out again in the near future....[/QUOTE

Thanks Rich. I make sure to see if they can look at all of the above, and if they don't, I'll transport it down to NJ!

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