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Default Re: Chevelle rear suspension

Probably would get more response on Stock /SS tech forum.
That said , this is one of the most worked out rear suspensions , lots of aftermarket parts available ,but can be made to hook like crazy with simple old school mods.
If you don't have them bolt on upper "no hop " brackets are the starting point .
they are necessary to get the 4 bar geometry to a usable intersection .
Stock arms can be boxed and reinforced and solid bushings installed ,but there are so many aftermarket parts available with bearings or bushings it not worthwhile using the stock stuff unless you're on a really tight budget .
Leave the rear anti roll bar on , disconnect or remove the front antiroll bar .
Good front arm bushings are a must ,but if you are on a budget you can grind the serrations off the inner sleeve and just snug the bolt , allowing more freedom of movement .
Good shocks are a must but , I've seen many an A body hook up great with just old school Chassis Engineering 3 way adjustable shocks.
As far as springs go , good stock rear springs will suffice , the front springs should be replaced with longer, lighter springs with more stored energy from Moroso or Landrum .
Use your air bags for preloading the right rear , good ballpark is 4-5 # left 10-15 #right ,if you need height,change the springs at use a cast aluminum spacer at the top.
You can probably do most of the work for under $500.
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