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Default Re: High-Nickel SBC Chevy blocks?

Originally Posted by Greg Reimer 7376 View Post
While going through some notes, I came across the 512 327 block. That's a service replacement block, cast after 1967. It's distinctive in that it has a screw on oil filter, like a 68 or newer SBC, and it is usually small journal.Tony Janes has one, and right next to the front cam bearing boss, are the numbers 010 020. They are kind of rare, but enough of them are out there that you should find one someplace.I also found out that some of those were large journal, so there is a starting place for a 350. Seems to me the 512 was intended to be a replacement for trucks, Corvettes, and performance applications.I guess it's pretty thick, as well.
I have seen the same thing on 2 blocks they look like the 010/020 casting but small journal, took the one quart spin on filter, The main caps and the block were double tanged and it could have been line bored out to 2.641 and used a large journal main carnk and bearings.

Only one of the 2 were a good block once they were sonic tested.
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