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Default Re: Hemi Challenge at Indy

I sure hope this rumor turns out to be "FALSE". I am a Chevy guy, but I sure enjoy watching the HEMIs go at it during the US Nationals. Back in the early 70's, I helped a guy build a B/G Dodge Dart (pretty much a Pro Stock car of that era). That Hemi was 16 spark plugs, aluminum heads, dual distributors, crank trigger, Chrysler electronic ignition, a really cool engine and car. I learned a lot from Francis Crider and Dave Koffel about HEMIs back then. I got pretty good at removing and replacing Hemi heads, cause this car had a trick shifted Hemi 4 speed, unfortunately, the driver missed a lot of gears and bent the exhaust valves on a weekly basis. After one of those head removals and reinstalls, I told the driver, "we should look into putting dzus fasteners on these heads", he did not see the humor in my remarks. LOL

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