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Default Re: Sliding through the lights trying to stage

Originally Posted by Charley Downing View Post
Herem I would expect nothing less out of some round buying west coast boys hiding behind some bogas name.
I just want to know if V made Justin pay for his rounds out of hid own pocket or if round buying is bulit into the budget for 2013 race season.
That is a nice YouTube video randy. You guys can toast to me all you want. But the facts don't lie.

Round buying? im still laughing. where are the facts genius? have you seen a check or cash handed over? id love to see your PROOF? lets see the facts!

But as of the 2013 budget it appears its now 10k larger... oh wait, they all rolled over for him in Super Stock today too... so that makes it 14-15k larger!!! plus a ring we can trade to someone for a real important round next season!!!

Where is the bogus name? I clearly posted my name, google it if youd like!

Jealousy is an ugly thing!!


Ryan Herem
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