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Default Re: 2016 Factory Stock

You are on the number Ken. I knew this was happening. I have some stuff happening, but I'm keeping it close. Fact: At this point I do not have a new car ordered or delivered. Fact: NHRA has said nothing nor have they inquired of the players in the class, but they will do whatever Chevrolet says so they can win. Fact: One new engine combo from Mopar was hit 30 because Chevrolet didn't like the motor. It could have run in the under 400 CID bracket in the Shoot Outs and been competitive in regular FS classes. Fact: Mopar has sold more blown than unblown new DP's which was expected. Fact: Other than Indy, the Shoot Outs are done by 9:00 AM on Thursday before any spectators even get to the track. And their are rumors (gotta love the rumors--ask Donald Trump) are all over the place. I am hoping NHRA announces something at PRI about these classes. It's really hard to stay interested when politics are overtaking performance as the case is now. On Mopar, their focus is Jeggie and Erica above all right now anyway. These new cars are a multi-million dollar gift from the Factories and the racers who participate. It has not been nurtured to become anything else nor does there seem to be interest in doing anything with it.

Again hopefully at PRI something will happen.
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