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Cool Re: Your morning “Bullit” fix...

Originally Posted by jmcarter View Post
I hear you Greg; I lived in the Novato area in 1972-1973 and use to make runs down across the Golden Gate on a regular basis, transporting patients to Presidio and such. Remember going out to Travis and it was incredible how isolated it was. As part of our yearly western sojourn to the Pacific Northwest we went thru there and it was incredible how much it had changed. Going anywhere took FOREVER...another reason for basking in the memory when you could get around as shown in Bullit.

As for population, the primary reason for abandoning the Electoral College is that there isn't much interest in having California elect the president for us all.
You're so right, especially the last line. Where did you go in the Pacific Northwest? I could live in Grants Pass, hide under a rock, rarely come out and never bother anybody and stay out of trouble.
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