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Default Re: Looking to Join in 2011

Originally Posted by JSLRacing View Post
I currently looking to run DF/S with either a Neon or a an 83 Charger.

I should be making my decision soon so I can get the engine to the machine shop.

It has been five years since I last made a pass. That was in the Big Block Aspen I used to run before I sold it. Time to get back to it..
So your telling me its cheaper to build a neon that will run the index and stay together for 2 qualifiers and 5-6 rounds of racing for 10 races than to build a 70's duster with a 300hp magnum crate engine? If your starting from scratch I would think a neon would be way more expensive to bulletproof than a duster/dart sport/ect. Stock eliminator with a crate engine is as cheap as it gets. The engine can come right out of a van and change the cam, valvetrain and intake manifold and it will run the index no problem because a dodge for some reason has a way conservative HP rating. Just my 2 cents.
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