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Default Headers for 283/220

I am currently running cheap used headers off of eBay on my Chevelle, and before too long I'd like to switch to something better. The flanges aren't even straight on them, and I'm pretty sure the right bank leaks some.

At some point I imagine I'll see about custom headers but I think it'll be a while before that's in the budget. I'm hoping there's something off-the-shelf that will be significantly better.

One option I was thinking of is referenced in the current edition of Hot Rod where a tri-y header (Doug's I think it was) was used in an Engine Masters build. It has only 2.5" collectors but it didn't seem to bother their 353 inch engine and mine's only 293.

Another option beyond just the standard four tube offerings would be to buy four tube headers and cut off the collectors, then weld on merge collectors.

Any thoughts on this? And about how much do custom headers cost anyway?
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