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Question onan 7 qd issue or not? extended warranty nearing end

Coach is going to Cummins, where it will be load tested, and a coolant leak addressed. It will also be load tested too.

Gen in the Vectra, has 4200 hours or so, have noticed, when not under a heavy load it will occasionally spike up in in its RPM for just a second then back to idle.

It was stalling and dying on me at Indy only after running for several hours and at Epping also(never had done this), but, after I blew out the soot, changed the fuel filter, air filter and oil no stalling, fuel filter was the likely culprit on that, as it ran issue free for the dutch which the wife appreciated.

Anything else that I should point Cummins re generator to while they are also working on the exxon valdez of a 8.9 oil leak?


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