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Default Re: ASRA / Memorial Race Special Vote

At the racers meeting during the first ASRA event, I vote was held on what to do if the Memorial Race on June 23 had more than 128 cars in attendance.

The membership voted that it will be an all run field. Racers will still qualify based on reaction time and there will be a ladder generated. If there are over 128 cars, the additional round results in the track and ASRA portion of the payout being delayed by a round. Specifically, round money will start with a second round win for the 8 round race rather than a first round win in a 7 (or fewer) round race. ASRA points will follow the NHRA system so a winner of an 8 round race will be awarded 116 points.

This does not impact the memorial race payout as that is separate and not yet finalized as money continues to be raised.

There will be further details communicated on the exact details but did want to share the results of the ASRA membership vote.
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