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Default Re: EFI, Alpha-N vs Speed Density fueling Strategies

Thanks Nick. I am truly blessed to do what I enjoy for a living.

As for a cam sync on an LT1, there are several ways to accomplish this;
1. Use a distributor body w no cap/rotor, remove seven of the reluctor teeth and use the remaining tooth as a cam position sensor.
2. Use a distributor with a built in cam sync like Ed suggested.
3. You can use the factory Optispark as a cam sync with the following modification- use some metallic tape (the silver, aluminum stuff) and tape over all the slots in the Opti disk. Then, locate a slot in that wheel that will generate a single signal somewhere between 130BTDC and 60BTDC (for a FAST system, not sure about others) poke the tape through this single slot in the wheel. This sounds kind of hokey but it works!
4. Fabricate a custom aluminum wheel that will mount to the Opti shaft and a bracket to hold a pickup.
All of these obviously assume the use of a crank trigger for a crank signal.

To clear the air on the sequential fueling question, I do believe that there is power to be found in properly utilizing Sequential fueling, but it takes specific testing to find this power.
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