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Default Re: 1969 Chevelle Build

It will be a "technicality", but the L-72 427/425 was only available in the Malibu coupe, not the 300 coupe.

The Stock Car Classification Guide apparently does not recognize the 2 door post as being a 2 door sedan in 1969, only the 4 door is listed as a sedan, all 2 door cars are evidently considered coupes.

I had one guy tell me that a 300 post car could legally run the L72 427/425, but several tech officials said no, only a true coupe can run the L72 427/425.

Also, the L72 427/425 in a Chevelle is a natural B car with an automatic and a natural A car with a 4 speed. As a 4 speed car it cannot run in C, it can as an automatic. But I cannot imagine anyone wanting to run at 3995 pounds with an L72 427/425, it would be really hard on parts.
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