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Originally Posted by SSGT Mustang View Post
Isn't this the same guy that posted he was making 675 hp with a stocker legal Boss 351? He doesn't race but was going to show up at indy and run 9.60's in C/S in a car that he didn't have with a 675 hp stocker motor that hadn't built.

The guy is a total bullshtter. That was obvious from his posts.
I was not going to answer this but since the other clown pissed me off the min I opened the thread I will adress you to just because you can't do it don't think I can't you have no idea what I can or can't do I own the 2 best sets of Cleveland cylinder heads on the planet 1 set I sold to a guy in Ohio and they are sitting in a shop in Minnesota you should stop by and take a look because it's obvious you have never seen a stock eliminator Cleveland head that moves almost 350cfm and makes 675 hp they are there for your viewing pleasure go educate yourself you might learn something
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