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Default Re: low fuel mileage

Originally Posted by Hacksaw View Post
After recommendations from members on this site in the Spring, re: srw or drw trucks towing a large trailer and the safety involved, I decided to try a Dually and so far I am very happy.Towing with a 2003 Dodge Ram Dually, 2wd 5.7 Cummings diesel, goose neck trailer, total pkg weighs under 22000 lbs. Don't know gear ratio but 70 mph is 1950 rpm. Only getting 10 to 10.5 mpg. This seems low to me. Any help and where is the first place to look/change ???
If you want all the details about the build of your truck, go the the link below and click on "Your Vehicle" and then on "Equipment Listing" and put the VIN of your truck. It will provide a detailed list of the build of your truck in detail, including all options.

It works for any Dodge/Chrysler vehicle built after 1998.
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