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Default Shear Plate versus Anti Reversion versus Super Sucker Plate

Hi Guys, Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on Shear Plates , Anti Reversion Plates and Super Sucker Plates ?. I have a 572ci BBC , 1150 Dominator on an Edelbrock Super Victor manifold. AFR 335cc CNC ported heads. Manifold was modified by Reher Morrison. Manifold has a one inch spacer fitted by Reher Morrison. We run a throttle stop but want to take it off and see how fast it will run. I need to put some spacers in place of the stop to fill the gap to the scoop etc. Have tried a four hole tapered plate but was thinking of trying the shear or anti reversion plates. Would like to make some sort of improve but unable to put engine on dyno to test each item. Engine made 893 hp and about 768 ft lbs. Max rpm is 6800.
Thanks Patrick.
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