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Default Re: AHRA index racing

Originally Posted by X-TECH MAN View Post
I'm surprised NHRA will have the time for another eliminator ? Could it be that they want to see how the fans in the stands will react to the index type of racing without the "START/STOP/START" type that S/C, S/G. and S/ST has turned into with the over sized expensive fast MPH engines being used today ????
NHRA isn't adding any classes, you simply have to become an AHRA member and compete in the heads up classes without benefit of the electronic aides. Somebody with a well sorted car using the slide stops or weights could possibly pull it off and it would be fun to see one do it. Ever since Troy Coughlin started the big MPH trend at Indy many years ago it's been harder and harder for the regular bracket racer to step into the heads up classes at the Divisional and National events.
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