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Default Re: EX IHRA Stocker What does my car fit at NHRA

Originally Posted by Chipper Chapman View Post
The pistons in that engine should be the same for the 71-80 dished piston 350's. Buy some of the glamorous new dart castings allowed,sell the vortecs to recoupe, use your valves etc in them, good to go for a smog era motor, cheapest you'll get! lol The '71 350 2bbl is likely a good combo, 233hp with OE heads or 243 with replacement, the "big" 2 bbl carb, you'd fit in around GT/OA and have an 11.45 Index, at 3200 pounds with factory heads, 3330 with aftermarket. Go for it!
So, Chipper your saying I can use the motor I have and all I have to do is change the heads ? What intake and carb can I use ? Im assuming I can use the comp cam I have in the motor as well ?
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