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Default Re: New Renegade Racing Fuels Distributor

The most important numbers for race fuel are Motor Octane and Specific Gravity ( Density ). You want enough Motor Octane to avoid detonation along with an octane cushion for changing ambient temps and conditions. The Specific Gravity numbers are the weight of the fuel. Changing Specific Gravity of + or - .10 usually requires a change in jetting. For instance, changing from a fuel with an SG of .710 to a fuel with an SG of .708 wouldn't require a jet change. Going from an SG of .710 to an SG of .721 or an SG of .698 would require a jet change.
You'll notice that the specs for Renegade Pro 110 are better than other brands of 110, and are as good as Sunoco 112 and better than C-12.
Renegade designed the Pro 110 to give the average racers as much for their money as possible.
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