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Thanks Drew, I hope we can put something together. The main thing is schedule and location. If there is a possible 90 Nationals this year we could maybe do something there but, I'm still deciding the fate of that event.

To give everyone a heads-up regarding this event. I have spoken with Kenny about putting something together and have sent an invite out to Ted Banes and his TNT group to have an All-Star Type event for the groups of MASSA, NESSA & Possibly the TNT Series.

Their are 2 big factors that will have to be taken care of before we go forth. First will be trying to find a location that suits everyone and is a central location. Looking at locations the only place I can think of would be Englishtown as the next closest would be Leb Valley or Atco but, that means that one group would have to drive farther then the other which would be unfair. 2nd would be getting the sponsors to put up the cash to hold the event and put up a nice purse for everyone.

Basically the way things would play out would be similar to a bracket finals. The Top 10 or 12 drivers at the current points standings (Kenny and I will put a cut-off date so everyone is made aware if they made it or not). We would hold a lottery for 1st round pairings and if it's just NESSA & MASSA then I would draw a card then Kenny and thats who would race each other. So it could be #2 MASSA vs. #9 NESSA, #1 NESSA vs. #12 MASSA. The idea behind it is to have a race of champions for Super Street since driver in the 10.90 class don't get a chance for a World Championship.

Send me your ideas and thoughts to
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