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Default Re: Tech West Racing Services MSD Upgrade

My first encounter with Pat was shortly after MSD quit working/ providing us V-6 racers with the modified odd fire box.
Listen to him, he has more than just the box improvement that has worked for me. It was not only with my own special odd fire V-6 box, but the box/system for a well known Comp racer I have helped. One of the "real" advantages was to get consistency of the tune-up from the dyno to the car.
When you know you are getting 1250 HP on the dyno and 1100 from the car it is time to call Pat.
Pat has also helped one of my customers that races boats. I've had the pleasure of talking to Pat for many hours and what he does is not "Black Magic". He applies sound principles of electronics and changes some of the components in the boxes that could have been originally installed as "cost savers".
Adger Smith (Former SS)
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