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Default Re: Tech West Racing Services MSD Upgrade

Originally Posted by eddie c View Post
His thread handle is: twrs 2006.
I started this thread because I did not want to mess up the other thread on plug wires. I did not even know that was him LOL. Hopefully he will see this and explain it better(the box upgrades) like he did over on that thread for plug wires. If he does I have another question. I have read all the stuff on the tech west site about fine wire plugs and i was wondering if there is a chart or something for swithching over from a regular plug to a fine wire plug? (IE Autolite AR3910, AR3911 or AR3923 plugs what are the equilivant plugs only with fine wire in them) And do you sell them. I would like to try that as well but looking around the last couple of nights I have not come up with anything for converting from one to another and still have the same heat range.
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