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Default Re: '67 El Camino H/SA

The metric is still in the shop, but I have a new Coan LW TH350 along with a matching converter in the car now. I figured with the added low gear set I would'nt lose too much vs the metric. I'm looking for it to be a more durable unit in the long run.

Concerning the timing experiment - While the new parts may negate an accurate comparison for now, I cannot discern much difference in performance between the two transmissions/converters. Took it to a local bracket race last night and had a limited amount of time to experiment (did make it to round 5 tho). It is still hitting like a hammer at launch with wheels in the air...the reduction in 60' times nearly a tenth just as it showed with the metric combo.

I'm pretty well convinced the results are due to the timing alterations. Next outing I will try some subtle changes such as pulling the timing back sooner.
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