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Default Re: Amzoil engine oil

I used to use Amsoil 10-30 Dominator in my bracket engine. I believe it saved me from myself a long time ago. I had a needle stick and when I went to start it you can guess what happened. It spun just a bit and stopped. I was ignorant of what can happen and wanted to race that day so I pulled the plugs, spun the engine over and pumped out the alcohol that had built up in a few cylinders. The engine started and I raced on. Made 85 more passes on that engine before tearing it apart. When the head came off and I looked down you could see #1 piston c0cked in the cylinder. When I got it completely apart I couldn't believe it lived. Here is the rod that came out of it. I used to have a pic of the bearing also but couldn't find it. This is embarrassing but oh well.

The only reason I stopped using it was because it wasn't convenient to get then. I use Driven XP-7 now.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. LOL

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