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Default Re: Amzoil engine oil

In talking to Lynn Groom, the Amsoil engineer, when at EMC events I have learned a lot about oil. In our conversations he got down to engineering terms, which we could converse on because of my engineering background. There is no doubt they have a product based on quality rather than cutting base stocks for profit motives. Base stocks set the initial starting point. Then the chemicals and additives are added. Some of the additives can attempt to "cover" for the molecular shortage of inferior base stocks. This is esp true when some MFG's use a low grade type base stock and chemically enhance it to perform like a higher grade. This is a simple way of saying it matters when dealing with the molecular structure of the base stocks.
IMHO the problem with drag racers using it is that they don't have a lot of distributors and a wide spread distribution system. Most guys don't keep inventory on hand and wait till the last minute to do the oil changes. I know my customers/buddies and I'm just like them in a lot of ways
BTW. Amsoil Motorcycle/Harley oil is outstanding. I got a local repair shop I did machine work for try it and it stopped a lot of problems they were having. ESP lifter and cam issues
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