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Originally Posted by Adger Smith View Post
Ed, Do you have to do the tune on the truck or can I just send you the ECM?
Mine is a 2002 1 ton.
Hope your wife is doing better..
Yes, Adger, you can just send the ECM. People do every day.
If you have the Allison transmission, the gains won't be as impressive. The Allison has so much Torque Management programmed in it's computer (TCM) to protect it, that thing calculates the torque output, and tells the ECM to pull the timing back to protect the transmission. I had one truck with that transmission, and hated it. The 4 speed 4L80E trucks are much faster, use less fuel, and tow trailers better. Performance gains with the Allison are not nearly as noticeable. On my chassis dyno, the Allison trucks gained very little. I towed with a gasoline motor home a few years ago, with an 8.1L & 4L80E, it towed my trailer easily, and never an issue.
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