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Default Re: Original hemi dart information

My pleasure gentlemen. I love getting new pics of these things. As you know there are only so many out there. I am amassing a pretty extensive file of pictures of both BO29 & LO23 cars. Most newly found pics are coming from pricate individuals who attended various racetracks across the country watching these cars run back then. Some are very cool pit shots.
Most are of previously found cars but at various time periods. Some of these cars changed ALOT over a short time frame. The factory backed and sponsored teams changed the most.
All the above has actual two fold reasoning. Firstly in the attempt to keep fresh content ongoing here, But also I am still in the quest of finding more pics of my car. Not doing so well on the second part.
When these Hurst facility pics were sent my way by Tim, I had to share them here first, because of the faithfull followers that has become home base for those interested in these things. I wont share them anywhere else publically until you guys get to see them first.


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