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Default Re: Original hemi dart information

Pictures deleted due to non cimpliance

So, long time friend and previous owner of my car Tim Hennessey emails me this morning with a bunch of very old but very cool old pictures originating from Hurst by a guy inside who was working on them at the time. I will post a couple at a time. Each one is full of neat **** to be seen about the process these cars went through.

This one still has the steel front fenders on it The rear wheel modifications are complete but it looks like it still has the shorter A Body differential in it. Interesting the doors are off it here.
Engine compartment excluding rad cradle are painted black and inside wheel wells and interior and door jambs are still in grey primer. No splash panels installed here either. No quarter glass or weatherstripping extension

This one you can see a 4 spd tunnel that looks like it is bare steel unlike the grey primer painted interior around it. This was before anything inside was painted black.
You can see the red disclaimer decal on the door jamb.
You can see the wider B Body diff( in this case would be a Dana60) installed with the special offset rear wheels

So why the bare 4 spd. hump? My thoughts are this was added at Hurst. I think it left Chrysler tagged as an automatic but someone ordered a 4 speed and Hurst did not have any factory assembled 4 speed bodies ready to go or in inventory so they ordered up the pedals and the tin hump which would of come right off the assembly line I'm thinking. Probably a factory backed racer like Sox & Martin or ????
This is how my old Landy car that was tagged as an automatic but never had an automatic installed in it from new started its career. BUT that one also never had any kind of drivetrain installed in it in Detroit. It was sent by aircraft as a rolling shell to Dick in California for him to assemble as a running car.
Wish I could see the pedal area better


stay tuned. Theres more to come. And photobucket can't touch

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