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Default Re: .370 back to .400 Pro Tree

STK - basically the .90 cars always ran on a .400 / .500 Pro Tree, back in the mid 2000's the lights were changed over to LED's which in turn the eye sees faster then the regular iridescent bulbs. NHRA Had Compulink or Port-A-Tree or whatever the tracks use put a LED Compensation program into the computer program. They figured that with the eye seeing the bulb faster it was about a .030 faster so the X-Mas Trees became .370 / .470 with the speed up. It was also said that some of the PS / PSB Drivers were going Red and complaining about the tree so they sped up the tree to have them go green. In the mean time they never really told the sportsman guys they were going to change it either. When guys did find out it was changed it was like mid-season, so guys were changing four-links and shocks and tire pressure to attempt to hit the tree. As time went on and guys realized they needed a purpose built roadster to hit the tree or take the existing car and have it updated, a lot of guys bailed and went bracket racing or got out of racing all together. There is arguments for both sides of the coin as to what tree too use, some feel going back to a .400 tree may bring some racers back where as the guys who spent the money to hit the .370 tree then it was all for not.
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