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Default Re: Another.15" trailer tire question

Originally Posted by Rory McNeil View Post
After I had a freeway trailer tire blowout on my 24 foot Wells Cargo trailer last summer, I looked into upgrading to 16" wheels & tires, but like TarHeel said, there is not sufficent clearance for them on my trailer. There looks like enough room between the tires, but not between the top of the tires and top of fenders. So I did a fair bit of research, and installed 4 new 10 PR, LR E Maxxis ST tires, which seemed to have consistently good ratings. So far so good. I just completed a 800 mile (all freeway) trip to Oregon and back with no issues. Not anywhere near as far as many of you guys go, but a decent haul for me. A buddys Pace trailer came with the Maxxis tires, and he replaced them this year, over 10 years of service from them. I hope I am so lucky.
My experience with the Maxiss is the same as Rory' might get lucky with Marathons or a newer Goodyear version but have NEVER had good luck with GY so will never go there again...their customer service is lacking as well. Last week the sidewall blew out of my GY motorhome tire (on the steer axle no less). Took it in for an adjustment (properly inflated and cared for tire with less than 20K miles should NOT puke the sidewall) and they just kind of chuckled at me. Michelins next week, gulp$$$.
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